Are these Uniqster Canisters suitable for all machines.
Base of de Uniqster Canisters fits: BD, JVM, KLS, Tosho and VDB machines as well as all other dispensermachines with equivalent base fits.

Adjusts the Uniqster Canisters on a normal high and low canister place?
The Uniqster Canister 160 fits on a high canister place, see specifications for the dimensions.

The Uniqster Canister 75 fits on a high and low canister place, see specifications for the dimensions.

Will broken, difficult and special tablets damaged in Uniqster Canisters?
Tablets are transported in a unique, patented way: no damage.

When will I know when the Uniqster Canister is empty?
If the Uniqster Canister is in the packagingmachine and has not received a tablet for more than 10 seconds, the machine knows that the canister is empty.

How can I fill the Uniqster Canister?
With the Uniqster Feeder, the automatic filling machine for Uniqster Canister 160/75.

Can I see how many tablets the Uniqster Feeder put in the Uniqster Canister?
With the automatic Filling Machine for the Uniqster Canister 160/75.

How big is the probability of error in the Uniqster Canisters?
Very low, because the tablets are separated in the canister.

When will the Uniqster products available?
From April 1, 2017.

Where can be Uniqster products ordered?
Please contact us: info@uniqster.nl

What is the delivery time?
From April 1, 2017, the delivery time is 4 weeks.

Are there any other products in development?
Yes, but these are still strictly confidential.

Do you do also new developments on order?
We are inventors and product developers, so if you are looking for other solutions, please contact us info@uniqster.nl