Uniqster Feeder received 2nd place

2 February 2017

Uniqster Feeder received the 2nd place for the Inspiration & Innovation Award 2017 from the High Tech Platform

MTA developed the system in close collaboration with design and innovation agency VanBerlo Eindhoven and client Arie van Wijngaarden of Canister Solutions BV. MTA will also take the production of these systems for its account.

The Uniqster Feeder is a revolutionary innovation for automatic processing of special tablets such as half, quarter, specialty and other common tablets by pharmacists supplied to hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. This system saves valuable time relative to the current manual mode and prevent sorting errors with potentially disastrous consequences for the patient.

The Uniqster Feeder is truly a world first for the pharmaceutical industry. During the High Tech Platform Annual Conference on Wednesday, February 8th the prize winner is be announced. The Uniqster Feeder received the 2nd place.